Every Presentation Should Be Engaging and Inspiring!

 Are the folks on your teams experiencing any of the following?

  • Frustrated with change and ambiguity
  • Stuck in ruts of “the way we’ve always done it”
  • Strangled in poor communication and unclear roles
  • Boxed in and unable to discover new options
  • Bored with self-managed teams, empowerment, projects or processes
  • Begging for something different to “jumpstart” their collective genius
  • Bogged down with internal difficulties, hidden agendas and lack of accountability
  • Tongue-tied when challenged to defend their actions or present results to management

Now there’s a solution! Expose your team to a little bit of TeamProv™!

TeamProv™ (an exciting new concept developed by Master Team Facilitator Cher Holton) is based on the skills used successfully by improvisationalists around the globe. It helps your team members:

  • Develop creative problem solving skills and the ability to “think outside the box”
  • Explore options, expand perspectives, and reach better solutions
  • Adapt to change quickly and positively, and thrive in uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Strengthen the ability to communicate under pressure
  • “Think on their feet” and “shoot from the hip” (planned spontaneity)
  • Build trust, interdependence and camaraderie

Here is one great activity you can use with your team right away, to help them TeamProv™:

  It’s a Draw!

Purposes: Stimulate creativity and free-flow of ideas; generate potential solutions that go beyond conventional thinking; build teamwork skills.

Team Size: Works best with teams of 4-7 per group. It can also work with a larger team, but you will need bigger paper so everyone feels like they have space for creation.

Resources needed: Lots of chart-size paper; a variety of colored pencils, markers, crayons, and/or paints. Tables with lots of space for movement is helpful to the process.


  1. Create working teams of 4-7 per group. Each group receives a healthy supply of drawing implements (pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paints, etc.) and a few large chart-sized pieces of paper.
  2. Invite each team to create their “masterpiece” with team members alternating, each person adding one line or feature of the drawing at a time.
  3. (Optional but powerful) This activity is to be done without talking.
  4. When there is a long hesitation, the drawing is complete.
  5. Next step: Without talking, the team creates the title of the artwork, with team members alternating turns and adding one letter at a time until a title is written at the top of the drawing.
Options: This can be a “free idea” activity or you can assign a topic for the drawing that relates to the issue being discussed. For example: “Your team is creating a picture that demonstrates exceptional customer service.

BONUS! Download a complimentary copy of a TeamProv™-Handout (which includes a great article published in Pfeiffer’s Annual) from a half-day program Cher offers to teach your team how to TeamProv™ for success!


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